Did you know?

74% of consumers wait until they are in-store to make a purchase decision*
Up to 40% of consumers change their minds because of something they see, learn or do in-store*

The Sobeys Demonstration Program helps encourage awareness and drive sales of your products while enhancing the Shoppers experience. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional in store experience which is beneficial for all parties involved, customer, vendor and Sobeys. Our team of experts have the ability to conduct a full range of demonstrations from simple products requiring no preparation all the way to enhanced food experiences involving cooking from scratch. Our Brand Ambassadors receive comprehensive and detailed training prior to each execution to ensuring they are well-versed and are following through your expectations. For more complicated demonstrations, we have the ability to create instructional videos to further amplify the training. Through these executions, vendors have seen conversion rates of upwards of 40%. This creates brand awareness and allows the customer to try the product before they buy. 

This online booking system is designed to make the booking process easier for you. Should you have any questions, please contact jshields@influencemarketing.ca


*The consumer decision journey (McKinsey Quarterly; June 2009)