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Upon successful completion receive a certificate showing your achievement for completing one of our rigorous classes.

What is a CEPN?

CEPN stands for Community Education Provider Network, and represents a borough-wide learning network of providers that facilitate the delivery of training and education within the community. The core function of a CEPN is to design, develop and deliver a workforce that will lead to sustainable improvements in the health and well being of the population it serves.

In addition to co-ordinating training, the CEPN is responsible for delivering several other key functions, such as:

  • Workforce planning
  • Education quality
  • Developing local education capacity and capability
  • Responding to local workforce needs
  • Workforce development
  • Education programme co-ordination

About Us

The Kingston CEPN has been established since November 2015.  It is hosted by the Kingston GP Federation (GP Chambers) and operates on behalf of Health Education England South London (HEEsL).

The CEPN will ensure that the community workforce is trained and supported to meet the needs of our patients in the community now and in the future. Funded by HEEsL, the Kingston CEPN is a new model of education provision that will provide workforce development opportunities for Primary Care services.  In particular, but not exclusively, it will support a shift in care from hospital to community-based provision. It will do this through clinical education, community training, placements of trainees and workforce development.


Board of Directors

Dr Anthony Hughes

Kingston CEPN Clinical Lead and CEPN Chair.

Moira Ford

Moira Ford of Your Healthcare has brought a wealth of nursing experience and has fostered excellent relations with Kingston University, which augers well for future training opportunities

Kathryn Yates

With her RCN connections, Kathryn has provided guidance and opinion on the shape for future nursing roles. She has also made valuable in roads to working closely with pharmacy and physiotherapist students.

Dr Phil Moore

continues to support local education as he has done for many years in Kingston. His tireless work continues to produce successful and invigorating educational half days on a regular basis

Terry Silverstone

Terry Silverstone is helping to further develop closer Community Pharmacy links. He works to broaden pharmacy access for patients seeking help care advice.

David Mphanza

David Mphanza provides an invaluable link to our CCG and how the STP, five year forward plan and local workforce requirements  can guide the CEPN work.


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