Welcome to Methapharm’s training courses for methacholine challenge testing. The purpose of these courses is to assist healthcare professionals and facilities with the implementation of methacholine challenge testing service and to provide a “ready to use” QA program for those currently providing the service.

There are three different modules in this program each with their own study material, as well as their own post test evaluations. If you have any questions or require assistance please contact us.

Taking the Provocholine Challenge

(2.0 CRCE credit hours)

Taking the Provocholine Challenge

An in-depth slideshowthat will help you to better understand the test. Covering the purpose, equipment needed, preparation, administration, and interpretation.

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Reconstituting Provocholine for Methacholine Challenge Testing


Reconstituting Provocholine for Methacholine Challenge Testing

These training videos will take you step by step, through the process of reconstituting Provocholine.

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Performing a Methacholine Challenge Test

(1.0 CRCE credit hour)

Performing a Methacholine Challenge Test

A 25-minute video leading you through the key concepts and considerations for performing the methacholine challenge test.

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Questions & Answers

How many Continuing Education Unit credits am I able to receive from the three courses?

We offer a total of three hours of Continuing Education Units. You can earn 2.0 CEU’s for passing the test based on the self study module titled “Taking the Provocholine Challenge”. You can also earn 1.0 CEU for passing the test based on our training video titled “Performing a Methacholine Challenge Test.” Our “Reconstituting Provocholine for the Methacholine Challenge Test” course is in the application process for CEU credit.

Is there a cost for access to the course content or to earn the CEU credits?

No, Methapharm provides all online courses as a courtesy for our customers and those interested in more information about testing

What is considered a passing grade for each of the three courses?

Each test requires a score of 70% or higher to be considered a passing grade. At the completion of the test you will be notified of your testing score and if you passed.

Can I take the test again if I do not pass the test on the first try?

Yes, you can take the test as many times as you would like.

How do I get my credit(s) if I pass the test(s)?

If you are a member of the AARC, and provide your number when creating your login, we will register those credits on your behalf. If you are not an AARC member, you would need to contact your state board or governing body to verify that these courses will be recognized.

How do I get a copy of the certificate if I pass the test(s)?

A personalized certificate is automatically generated upon the successful completion of each test. To access your certificate(s) you will need to…path to be added once created… If you require the certificate in a different language, please contact us directly. (populates email to ssm@methapharm.com)

If I have taken the tests previously and received the CEU credits, can I take the test again and reapply for the credits?

The AARC will allow you to apply these CEU credits once per calendar year. With regard to reapplying for CEU credits with your state board or governing body, each state is different and you will need to check with them directly.

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